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Boehmer History

In August 1879, the first train was operated over the narrow gauge Toledo, Delphos, and Burlington Railroad. A settlement sprung up where the railroad crossed the Huntington-Wells county line. When a name was needed for the railroad station and town, one of the crew jokingly suggested they call it "Boehmer" as that was his name. The town adopted the name.

There were many businesses and houses in town but no church. In February of 1886 on a Sunday, John I. Clark and his twelve year old son Rufus walked the four miles to Mt. Zion to children’s day exercise that was being held in connection with a revival meeting. Mr. Clark made the remark that “I wish we had a church near our home”. Rev. F. Robinson (who would now be called a circuit rider) replied that he would build a church if $500.00 could be raised. So many were interested that by Tuesday evening $700.00 had been donated to the church building fund.

The First Boehmer Methodist Protestant class was organized by Rev. F. Robinson at the Roberts school (two miles west of Liberty Center) on March 29, 1886 with eleven charter members. The class was placed in the Salamonie Circuit. The people met in the school house until the new church was completed at Boehmer.

On June 30, 1887 they selected and secured the deed from Mr. Howard Thompson and the building of the church began. In the summer of 1888 the church was finished at a cost of $1800.00. The original church was a one room with a stove in the middle. It faced the west (or county line road) until 1927 when the front was changed to the south and classrooms and the basement were added.